Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

Hello all!! I would like to first thank you for stopping by my page on The Nester Christmas Tour of Homes 2009!!! I hope you enjoy your visit!!

Welcome to the Johnson household!!! My mom bought me the little Santa and Snowman from Kirkland's this year because she knew I had been eyeballing them since we first spotted them!!

Our "J" flag is outside by the steps to our porch! I eventually want to have more outside decorations and lights on the house, it just didn't happen this year.

My little snowman cookie jar I bought at Kirkland's a couple of years ago!

Snowman towels that hang on our oven handle.

Snowman spoon rest that says "Snow" on it that I bought this year. Granny has a matching one!! I gues I've made my kitchen snowman themed!!

Mom and I both bought this "N-O-E-L" candle holder from Arty Crafty after Christmas last year. It looks plain sitting up there by itself and I still haven't bought any candles to go on it yet either! That's a goal for the after Christmas sales this year.

Our piano with the lighted Frosty and Santa. Eventually wanting more stuff on it also, and a pretty Christmas picture to hang over it!

Table in our dining room. It has several new things on it, and I'm sure one of these days I'll get pictures in both frames!

The fireplace and the blanket Mom bought me! Our stocking holders spell out "S-A-N-T-A" but they're silver and hard to see. I may need to think about painting them either red or gold! Our stockings have little gingerbread faces on them and say "Merry Christmas." I found them on sale the year before last, once again after Christmas! And they just so happened to have 5 left! I also put gold and red bows on the lighted garland. I told Gene that I need a big pretty wreath to hang above the fireplace!

Our little family of 5!!

And, last but not least, our pretty Christmas tree!!! We only have one and this picture does not do it justice but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my tree! I got it on sale after Thanksgiving last year and it stands 9 ft tall and is the perfect width for our living room! It doesn't have any sort of theme, it's just various different ornaments, candy canes, white lights (because they're my favorite) and red and gold bows!! You can't see the tree skirt in this picture but it's red with green trim and has a cute little snowman on it!!
I've already done one post with some of our Christmas decorations and if you read that then this was a little redundant, but thanks anyways for enduring it again!!! Now you need to check out The Nester's page and visit all the other homes on tour!!!!


Dana and Daisy said...

very pretty! We have the same stove... ah the things I notice!

Come by and say hello if you have the time!
Merry Christmas!
Dana and Daisy

Crafty Niche said...

Your decor looks fantastic! Your stockings are too cute!

daniel john said...

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