Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I am LOVING that we are only 3 days away from the first Arkansas Razorbacks football game!!!!

I am SO ready to call the Hogs and root them on!

I would love to be able to actually go to a game, but tickets are so so expensive and I don't know that we will get the opportunity to. But, I can guarantee we'll be watching from our living room each week!!!

I'm a little sad that this week's game is only on pay per view though, and it's almost as expensive as the tickets are! So, we may just have to listen to this one on the radio. I will definitely be purchasing some new Hogs gear in the near future! And Grace will need a new shirt or two also, because hers from last year is gonna be too small!!

I'm also loving that today is officially the half way point of the week; we're almost there folks! I love the weekends and this one will be even better because it's a 3 day weekend since Labor Day is Monday! Woohoo!

What are you loving on this Wednesday?!