Thursday, January 5, 2012

This Is It

January 6, 2012

The day I will join the gym and change myself.

My husband goes to the gym every morning during the week and I'm enlisting him as my accountability partner.

I plan on taking a "before" picture in the morning. Regardless of how much I don't (and I mean I really don't) want to. I hope I have the courage to post it on here. If I do that, then it will light a fire under me and make me aim for an "after" picture.

I'm tired of being overweight and unhappy with myself. I'm tired of not enjoying clothes shopping or getting dressed every morning. And I'm tired of being out of breath when I walk upstairs to take my sweet daughter to bed. I need my energy and stamina back to play with her and I'm determined to get there.

The internet is such a funny thing and I really feel like it will be a huge aid in helping me reach my goal.

If I still weigh right now what I think I weigh, then my goal is to lose 75 pounds. Ouch. That's a lot. But, I'm putting it out there because I'm doing it this time. No matter what.


Rachel said...

I will be right beside you in this journey! We can do me, tweet me, whatever it takes...we're going to accomplish our goals in 2012! So excited to have found your blog...excited to journey along with you, friend!

Kimberley said...

hey taylor! cute blog! love the colors! i live in NWA too! and i'm right there with ya! i need to lose weight too! i'll be cheering you on! oh, and go hogs!!! :)