Thursday, July 31, 2008

Productive Day

Today was my Saturday because I'm off on Thursdays and Fridays every week, and today was a pretty productive day for me, even though I didn't get out of bed until 11:30! I know...crazy, but I've been really tired lately and Grace slept in so I took advantage of it. I was actually awake before Grace, and then when Colt got up shortly after I did I had him go ahead and wake her up. I think she may have already been awake, but either way we got plenty of beauty sleep last night!

After I finally got out of bed, Colt made us pancakes and we ate breakfast! Yummy! Both boys are awesome pancake makers and I'm terrible! I was good when we had a gas stove, but now we have electric and it's a little tricky. I don't mind that I"m not good at it though, because it's a switch for them to make me a meal instead of vice versa. He even made Grace little mini pancakes that she ate with peanut butter...just like her Mama!

After we ate, we sat down and tried watching Cloverfield, but just couldn't get into it. The camera work is very weird and it was making me dizzy so we turned it off and started cleaning house. The boys were not thrilled when the word clean came out of my mouth, but they're both good about helping so they cleaned upstairs while I cleaned downstairs.

I drive myself crazy cleaning because I'll start something in one room but then get distracted and start on another part of the house and I end up going back and forth and it's very aggravating! Anyone else have that problem? I did make a conscious effort today though not to do that and I did a fairly good job, I think I only did it once!

I love having a clean house, it makes everything more cozy and fresh! Grace is so funny too, after I swept and polished the hardwood floor and vacuumed our big area rug in the living room she ran around like crazy climbing up and down on the couch. She was a little skeptical of the vacuum the first couple of times I did it around her, but now she thinks it's a game. If I'm in our bedroom vacuuming, she'll peek around the door and run real fast past the bed to the other side before I get her. She's silly!

Anyway, I'm actually still working on a little bit of laundry and the dishwasher is running for the second time today with part of our dinner dishes but I'll just have to finish that in the morning.

Grace is in bed, Gene is asleep on the couch, and the boys are both up in their rooms on the phone so I'm enjoying some peace and quiet! I'm also watching The Holiday....great movie!! If you have never seen it, you must!

I think I've got writer's block, and I can't think of anything worth while really to write about. However, I do want to ask for prayer for my good friend, Allie Rhodes. I'm sure some of you are aware, but she is one of our officers and her boyfriend, Justin English, was the Springdale firefighter that was killed in Iraq on the 7th of this month. Allie and Justin had planned to get married as soon as he returned from his one year stint in Iraq, but now that dream will never come true for her and as you can imagine her heart is aching right now. I just ask that you pray for continued strength for her and Justin's family, and that she is able to see the light at the end of this horrible tunnel. I also ask that you pray for her friends, myself included, that we are given the words and understanding to be there for her. I thank you in advance for being prayer warriors for her!

All my love,