Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Open, Shut...Open, Shut

Grace has a new hobby. Shutting doors. Bedroom doors. Bathroom doors. Closet doors. Cabinet doors. Any door.

She makes me angry and makes me laugh all in one swift act. She is now tall enough to reach door knobs, so she's proud of the fact that she can close the doors on her own. Not so fun for Mom when I'm headed out of the bathroom or bedroom and she's closing the door in my face!

She's really good at closing them now, but she's still not quite tall enough to really grab a hold of the door knob to twist it open yet. So, if she closes herself in or out and nobody is there with her, she starts fussing because she can't get it back open!

Tonight when I got home from work she was still awake and followed me into the bathroom so I could get ready for bed. Our closet is in our bathroom and when I got in there the closet door was shut. I opened it so I could put my shoes up, and not 2 minutes later Grace is walking over there and shutting the door. Oh boy, I just giggled to myself. The whole time I'm standing at the sink washing my face she's shutting the door....with her on the outside of it, then she starts fussing (not realizing quite yet that she's done it to herself)! So, I reach over with my face soapy and my eyes closed to open it. Over and over and over and over again!! Like I said earlier, making me angry but then making me laugh.

I finish getting ready for bed so I change her diaper and walk out of our bedroom and what does she do? Shuts the bedroom door. I turn around and open it back up to turn the light off and what does she do? Shuts the door. She's trying to shut it while I'm still standing in the doorway. Silly silly girl! I walk back in to put stuff away and what does she do? Shuts the door..........again. Vicious cycle.

Finally, the last time I came out I distracted her with her milk and was able to get the light off and to the recliner and she didn't realize that the door was standing open. It drives me crazy for them to all be closed if nobody's in there. Go figure I know.

She crawled up in my lap and got still and was out like a light within about 5 minutes. I sat there talking to my good friend, Teresa, on the phone for about 30 minutes then finally got up to put her in bed. She had spit out her pacifier by the time we made it to her room so I was trying to put it back in and she lifted her head halfway and mumbled "potty" then dropped her head back down. I guess she's dreaming of the potty now!!! How funny?!?!

Anywho, felt like sharing but now I'm going to bed!!