Thursday, August 21, 2008


My Kiddos!!

Yay! It's my Friday! I forgot to tell everyone that my days off are switching this week, so now I'm off on Fridays and exciting. Gene's days off switched this week too, so now he's off on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Lucky guy, I know! So, we finally have a day off together so we can spend time together. Plus he'll have a day to sleep and rest now as opposed to working 7 days a week.

So, Gene was supposed to work construction today but he slept in because didn't sleep good all week. He's had a long and rough week at the PD this week too. He woke up this morning about 9:20 and went and got Grace out of bed. Of course they had to come wake Momma up! It's ok though, because he was making us breakfast. Grace has enjoyed her daddy being home with her. She's cuddled with him more than me today. :( It's cute though!

Grace and I watched The Backyardigans and The Wonder Pets while he was cooking! Grace has grown fond of The Backyardigans! It's actually a really cute one, and it doesn't get on my nerves. Ha!

It's throwing me off a little bit that I have to go to work today, but I'm excited because my dear friend, Ashley Rogers moved back from California and starts back to work on my shift tonight!!! He started yesterday, but had to work 8 to 4 so he could fill out all the paperwork and insurance stuff. I'm really happy that he's back home. Love ya Ash!!

I'm leaving for work a little early today so I can go by Rick's Bakery and order a birthday cake for Coltster! His 15th birthday is next Tuesday the 26th, but I've gotta work so we're going to grill tomorrow night and I'm surprising him with a cake! I'm hoping they can make one with some sort of piano decorations or music notes or something. One of these days I need to make a video of him playing piano and post it on here so you can see how incredible he is!

I've also agreed to take Corey to Midnight Madness at the Washington County Fair tomorrow night from midnight to 3 am! Yikes! I've not been up that late in a long time, it could be interesting. Gene took the boys last year, and he said he really didn't want to go again this year but Corey had already asked if he could go. I told Gene I'd do it this time, and he could stay home with Grace. I roped Stephanie into helping me though! We used to go to the fair every year when we were in high school, so we'll act like kids again!! I'm actually really excited to get to hang out with her for some girl time!

Saturday morning Gene and I are going to his cousin's optometry office so I can get some new glasses! Yay! I can't wait, my glasses are getting pretty pitiful. I really need to clean my house at some point too but I don't know when that will happen!

I guess I'll sign off for now and go take a shower! Gene is trying to get Grace down for a nap, so I've gotta be quiet.

Have a great day!