Thursday, September 25, 2008

3 Day Weekend

Today was a good day for me. Gene got up with Grace around 8, then I got up about 8:45 and ate breakfast. Gene went and rode with some friends this morning so Grace and I lounged around upstairs watching tv. I think I've failed to mention that the bulb on our tv is currently burnt out. We bought a big nice Samsung HD rear projection tv last year when we finished the house. I love the tv, but it uses a very expensive bulb. We bought it last March and this past June it burnt out the first time. Not a big deal I guess, but they cost $220. Yea, that's a lot of money for a stinking bulb. Well, about 3 weeks ago it burnt out. Not good! Gene called Best Buy, which is where we bought the tv, and he also called Samsung and the manufacturer of the bulb trying to get something done. We were not happy about the fact that this one only lasted 3 months. No one that Gene talked to was willing to do anything about it, and to top it all of they were all incredibly rude and lacked customer service skills. Needless to say, Gene has not been happy with them lately. It stinks because obviously we can't watch tv downstairs so we've listend to the radio.....a lot!

Gene was able to find a used bulb on e-bay and bid on it and won! They shipped it the first part of the week, and it only cost $41 with shipping and everything. Plus, it has a one year warranty as opposed to Best Buy and Samsung's 30 day warranty. Much better! It's supposed to be here tomorrow! Thank goodness! I am a HUGE Dancing With the Stars fan, but I work on Monday and Tuesday nights so I'm no able to really watch it. Last season we had just got our DVR so I was able to record it. I was very upset this week when I couldn't DVR it. Not a problem now!!

Back to today, Grace and I hung out upstairs from about 10:30 to 3! We kept switching back and forth from Dora to The Backyardigans to CSI: NY. Funny huh?! Grace loves Dora and The Backyardigans so while they were on we watched that, and when they were over I would switch back to CSI:NY. I had only ever seen one episode of CSI, but I am officially addicted now! Spike has been running an all day marathon like all week so I watched at least part of several episodes today. It's so good!

Grace and I did fall asleep at one point for about 45 minutes and then we ate lunch and lounged some more. I had full intentions of cleaning my house all day, but couldn't muster up the energy to get it done! Finally at 3, I decided it was time to go down and empty the dishwasher and switch out laundry because I'd heard both washers beep that they were done. I then cleaned till about 6. The boys got home around 4 and Gene had made it home just before them. I got a lot of cleaning done. Tomorrow I need to clean my bedroom and bathroom but that's it and the whole house will have been cleaned! Yay!

Tomorrow after I finish cleaning I need to load Gene's truck up with some stuff to take to the police department for our Rummage Sale next Saturday. Speaking of which, if you have anything you want to get rid of you can bring it up and donate it to the pd for our sale. We're using it as a fundraiser for the benevelont fund. If you're interested you can just drop it off at the pd and we'll take care of the rest!

Grace is staying with her Nana and Papa tomorrow and Saturday night because we have a lot of activities going on that Grace would not sit through! Greenland's Homecoming is tomorrow so that will be a long night at the football field and Grace gets way too restless way too fast, plus I'm afraid it will get a little chilly by the end of the game. The band is marching so of course we have to be there!! Then Saturday Colt has his piano concert at 2, but has to be there at 1 to practice. Grace would certainly not sit still....quietly throught that either! The boys are with their mom this weekend, so Gene and I are going down to Bikes, Blues, & BBQ Saturday night! A big group of my girlfriends are gonna meet us up there and we're all gonna hang out. I'm super excited!!!

Grace is getting really crabby and sleepy so I'm off to find a paci and put her to bed! Have a good night!


Shelly said...

Ok-did you say "both" washers beeped that they were done!? Two washers? You go girl! :)

Sounds like you've got a busy weekend ahead of you-have fun and stay safe!