Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Come on Grace, it's time to get out of the bath..."

I find myself repeating that phrase over and over every night after bath time. Grace loves her bath time. She does not love getting out of the bath. Every bath time, after I've washed her good from head to toe I let her sit and play in the water until it all drains out. Her new thing is to lay down in the tub trying to get under what water may or may not be left in it! As you can see, last night there was no water left but bless her heart she was sure trying to find some!

Booty shot

Big grin!

She is such a mess! She used to throw a FIT every time I got her out of the bath. She would kick and scream and cry half way through lotion and pj's....it was getting very frustrating. I have learned a new trick.
"Come on Grace, it's time to get out of the bath."
"Ok fine, I'll just leave you in here by yourself."
(Turn off the light and walk out of the bathroom for about 10 seconds, then walk back in.)
"Are you ready to get out now?"
She nods and is already climbing out of the tub!!
Ha! It's worked every time so far. Now I'm just waiting for her to call my bluff!

Last night Grace wore her new nightgown that Aunt Cathy and Megan brought her from Atlanta. After I got her lotioned up and dressed I told her we were going to take her picture for Aunt Cathy and Megan. She turned around to me and just said "Cheeeeeeeeese!!" So cute. She didn't really used to be one for pictures, and would never sit/stand still for them but now every time she sees a camera she starts saying "cheese."
My little princess

I know...precious right?! What's even cuter, is that her little gown matches her princess blanket she uses for cover in her crib. She was all matchy matchy last night.
I was so tired last night after work, and it seemed like a really long night. By the time I got home from picking Grace up at Mom and Dad's it was 11, and after bath and rocking it was midnight before I laid her down. I didn't read long last night because I was too tired. She woke up about 8:30 this morning and now we're upstairs watching cartoons!
Grace goes to her Mimi and Papa's (Gene's parents) today, and I'm having lunch with Brittni, one of my best friends that I don't get to see very often. Brittni's son, Jace, is one month and one day younger than Grace! It was so crazy because she and Steph were my absolute best friends through high school, and Brittni got married in December of 2003 right after we graduated and I was one of her bridesmaids!! For the first 3 semesters of college at NWACC she and I ended up having at least one class together so we still kept in touch. After we stopped having classes together we kind of lost touch for a while because we were so busy with work and stuff and our paths didn't really cross anymore.
Anyways, we would talk every couple of months or so, but I hadn't really talked to much after Gene and I got together. Long story short (kinda!), she called me one night at work and I was about 20 weeks or so pregnant but I hadn't talked to her since I found out. Horrible I know! So, we're talking and she's asking me what's new with me and I tell her I'm pregnant, and she says
"No way! I am too!" She was about 4 weeks behind me. How crazy is that?!?! We have kept in close contact ever since then. She was there for Grace's birth and then Grace and I were there for Jace's birth. It's so neat when you have babies the same time as your good friends! I have more stories about that, but I'll save them for a different post.
So, Brittni and I are meeting for lunch at Spring Street Grill, yummy!! I know it's going to make my day, plus the fact that tomorrow is my Friday this week because I'm off on Thursday. Woohoo!!
Ok, Grace and I are off to watch Dora the Explorer!!! Have a great day!


Taylor said...

I did not know you had such a talent writing. I work with you everyday and still found out things about you that I did not know. I love the pics of Grace!!! I enjoy having you on my shift so much and I appreicate all of the hard work that you do for me....


Shelly said...

Love the pictures! What a cutie batootie!

Megan said...

What a precious little "princess" - love the pics, tell Gracie thanks for posing for Aunt Cathy & Megan.

Love ya,
Aunt Cathy