Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall Attire

So, I know I've said before that I'm ready for cooler weather, but I'm going to say it yet again. I'm so ready for fall weather!

I love wearing long sleeve tshirts and big sweatshirts and blue jeans and tennis shoes! Plus Mom and I have already been buying stuff for Grace for cooler weather, which isn't always a good thing because they have so much cute stuff it's hard to say no. One of the last times we were down at Granny's and had gone to the mall she found this really cute outfit for Grace and was planning on going back and getting it for her. I posted a picture below of her wearing it, of course it's still a little bit too big and she will not stand still long enough for me to get a good picture but you get the idea. It's so precious!

A few weeks ago I was in Target looking around and of course I was looking at children's stuff. I found the most adorable pair of brown boots that I had already decided when it got cooler I was going to go back and get them for her. Well, after seeing the outfit that Granny got her I was even more determined to go back and get them because they will look so good with it!

Remember my new outfit I bought?! Well, I had planned to wear it today but I wanted some black flats to go with it. I have some black stilettos, but 1) they're not comfortable for working and 2) they're a little too dressy for it. So, I knew that Target would have something that would work. I was right!! Yesterday before work Grace and I drove up there and I found some really cute black ballerina flats with a little bow on them. Too cute.

I, of course, walked right on over to the childrens' shoes to see if they still had the boots. I found the section they were in but I didn't see Grace's size. I had given up and was walking down the aisle and down with all the big girl shoes I saw one more box of them sitting there.......and they were her size!!!! Yay! I was so excited. I was actually a little hesitant in buying them for her right now because they were $18 but them being the last one made up my mind. I knew I wouldn't get lucky next time if I waited.

I just tried them on her and they fit perfectly. They are tighter around her little fat calves than they probably would be on some toddlers, but they still fit and she can walk in them. She just stood really still when I first put them on her because she's not used to having shoes come up that high. She just looked at me like "now what am I supposed to do?!" Too cute! It didn't take her long to figure it out and then she didn't want to take them off!

Checking them out!

Are they not adorable?!

Ok,this picture I posted because I just love her hair!
The last picture was taken Sunday morning not too long after she woke up. She had had a bath the night before and when she fell asleep I guess her hair was still a little wet. I always comb it straight back when it's wet because it usually makes it lay better. Not this time! She had this big poof of hair on top and we couldn't get it to lay down. I love the paci smile too!!
On a side note, there must definitely be some type of stomach bug going around. Everyone at work just about has been sick, and Corey came home sick from school yesterday, and is still in bed right now. He's had a bad headache and stomach ache. Poor kid, I hate it when they don't feel good. Hopefully it won't last much longer, and he'll be better tomorow.
I'm off to take care of my whiny little girl now!!


Brandon and Nikki said...

Haha!! I hear yah girl!! I miss you too. I'm home all day long every day. hehe. That's my life, getting ready for the wee one. So, we can get together whenever you want. Hey, why don't we try to go out for dinner one night...just the 2 of us. We can do some catching up. Saturday I'm going to be at mom and dad's. Laura Gunnels is getting married and mom and mandy are throwing a shower for her. I don't know if you're busy then but maybe we could see each other then. Just let me know!!

Leah said...

Love the boots and the turquoise outfit!! So cute!!!