Monday, September 1, 2008

Feeling Yucky

Have I mentioned before that I am very ready for fall?! I so hate the hot weather, and am so ready for cool weather.

I haven't felt good the past few days. On Friday, as you know from a previous post, I did a lot of cleaning. Well, Saturday morning my back was hurting really bad from scrubbing my shower I guess and just doing so much. Mom & Dad kept Grace so Gene and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home. We drove up to the tattoo shop to visit Steve, but he was really busy and working by himself so we left him to it and ran to the grocery store. We came home and grilled bratwursts, and then I made tuna salad for Gene to take for lunch this week.

Gene fell asleep pretty earlier, and I laid on the couch watching The Devil's Advocate, which was a very odd movie. It wasn't horrible, but definitely not my favorite. When it was over I went to bed.

I didn't sleep great Saturday night, and I knew when I woke up Sunday morning it was going to be a bad day. I felt like crap all day, and didn't get up off the couch hardly at all. I didn't go in to work, and Mom offered to keep Grace again for me so I could just rest and not have to worry about chasing her around. I had a headache and felt queasy all day. It wasn't fun.

The boys were home with me, but Gene went riding with Steve and didn't get home till about 10:45. He had said that Steve and Jennie were wanting to ride to Eureka Springs this morning and have breakfast before we had to go to work. I agreed, because I hadn't had a chance to ride in a while, and I hadn't seen Jennie since we got back from our trip so I was excited about hanging out!

We got up around 7 this morning and I felt pretty good when I got up, but by the time we were leaving I was already not feeling like myself. I stuck it out, and was just pretty still and quiet on the trip there. Gene kept asking me if I was going to get sick! I didn't though, thank goodness. We made it downtown in about an hour or so and ate breakfast the the Main St Cafe. It was pretty good.

After we ate Jennie and I looked around in a couple of the shops, but I was starting to feel yucky again. Great! I was glad when it was time to load up and head home, cause I was afraid I wasn't going to make it much longer. It was hot when we were still and just standing outside talking. Once we got back on the bikes and were moving it was better because the air was cooler. We made it home without any mishaps, but by the time we made it home I had a horrible headache and I was rushing around trying to get changed and ready for work.

I went on in to work, but only lasted a couple of hours. I tried to eat something and felt like I was going to get sick, so I left and went and picked Grace up and came home. I'm feeling better because I'm in and still where it's cool. Grace has been screaming and squealing a lot because she's so happy to be home and to see her bubbas, so that hasn't exactly helped my headache but it's worth it to have my baby home!

I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll feel better. The first Greenland football game is actually tomorrow night for some reason and we're playing West Fork but it's in Bentonville (why I don't know) so I took off work so I can go watch Colt march for the first time!! He's super excited about it, and really hoping it doesn't rain! So, I'm really only having a 2 day work week which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I'm getting off here now though because the head swims are back. Have a great week!


Shelly said...

Girl, Tanner and I are sooo feeling your pain! There must be something going around because we are the exact same way!

I felt nauseated on Saturday and just laid around all day until Tanner came home from her Dad's. When we went to bed last night, Steve said his head was hurting and he didn't feel good.

Tanner got up this morning and has been pukey all day. I have a terrible headache and my tummy is off as well.

Maybe we've got the SPD crud?? :) God help us if so!

Hope you feel better soon! We'll pray for dry weather for the game tomorrow night! :)