Thursday, September 4, 2008

This and That

I'll start by saying that I'm feeling better, and today has been a good day! Except for the fact that last night Gene was trying to convert Grace's crib into a toddler bed (due to her climbing adventures...yes there were 2!) and wasn't pleased with how tall her mattress ended up being and it only has one small piece to put up to keep her from falling off. So, this weekend I'm on a mission to either find a toddler bed or find one of those guard things they make for kids and it goes on pretty much any bed to keep from rolling out!

Anyways, Gene didn't feel comfortable putting Grace to bed in it last night so he just put her mattress on the floor in the corner of her room where her crib was and planned to put her on it. Well, Gene has a few issues putting Grace to bed while I'm at work, because as I said in a previous post, we still rock her to sleep (bad I know). She's so used to me rocking her and putting her to bed that I'm not sure she ever really goes sound to sleep with him, and he gets up to quick to try and lay her down and she always wakes up fussing. That's exactly what happened last night....twice he said. He tried laying her down and she woke up screaming. So when I got home from work she was asleep on the couch and he was asleep in the recliner. I was frustrated I'll admit becaue I was tired and hoping I could go straight to bed. Well, of course when I pick her up she wakes up so I had to sit up rocking her till she went back to sleep. She did pretty quick and I was nervous about trying to lay her down, because her mattress was so low. I did it though, and she stayed asleep.

I then was afraid I wouldn't sleep because I just knew that she would start squirming and end up rolling off onto the floor, waking up, and then screaming for me. Another scary part is the fact that she's not quite tall enough to open her door, but I was so afraid she would get it open and then make it to the stairs. I didn't close the gate because she climbs on it, and I was afraid she would be too determined to get down to our room that she would make it all the way over and then fall that far down the stairs. Yikes! She's able to walk down the stairs by herself, just not very well yet. So, I decided that was better.

My worries were in vain because none of those things happened. Although, she did get woke up this morning when Colt was up getting ready for school and started fussing. I thought/hoped she would lay back down and go back to sleep considering it wasn't quite 7 yet. Hello! I didn't go to sleep until 1 this morning, because I had to stay late at work with my supervisor and trainee to discuss training and didn't even get home till after 11 so by the time I put Grace down and laid down to read till I fell asleep it was late. Too late to be up at 7 am. Plus, I'm not a morning person.......AT ALL!

She did not go back to sleep, she did get kinda quiet which made me nervous, but then she started banging on the door and jiggling the door knob. I took off for her room before she escaped!! She was very happy to see me. I think it scared her when she woke up and her room was in disaray and she wasn't sleeping where she was supposed to be.

So, we came downstairs and she talked to Colt for a minute and we laid down on the couch. I turned on cartoons and she laid there for a while. Corey wasn't up because he had to have a physical at 9 this morning for basketball, so Gene woke up about 30 minutes after us and got him up and ready. Gene fed Grace and they took her with them so I could go back to sleep! Thank you honey!

I put in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and laid back down, but I was texting Steph and Mom so it took me a little bit to go back to sleep. I did though, and was woken up when Gene and Grace got home. They left me alone though, and Grace fell asleep I think in Gene's lap in the recliner so I slept a while longer. Finally, I got up and Gene fixed Ramen Noodles for Grace for lunch. I took some pictures of her and posted them because she was so funny eating them. Forget trying to use silverware, she was perfectly content to use her fingers! She loved them, and ate almost all of them! I think it's gross, she gets that taste from Gene.

She's such a terd though when I try and taker her picture cause I kept tring to get her to look at me, and she'd just say "no!" and go on eating. Or she'd just look away. Grrr... Haha! I did get a few good ones though. I just love my baby girl!

Notice how she FILLS up her high chair? This just happened within the last week or so.
It makes me sad! Time for a booster seat and a bigger kitchen table!

To touch base about the football game, as you know it was pouring down rain here so the band didn't play or march. Gene ended up having to work late with DTF at the pd, so he wasn't able to get off in time to go. I had already decided I wasn't going to get Grace out in the rain, but she and Corey and I loaded up and had to drive to Bentonville to pick him up! It worked out okay though, because we stopped by Tim's Pizza to get dinner, and it was yummy!!
Today is my Friday!! Thank goodness, even though it's only been a 2 day week for me. I'm ready for a good weekend and a fresh week. Tomorrow I don't really have plans other than going grocery shopping and getting my eyebrows done. We'll probably also go to Target and Wal-Mart to look at toddler beds and stuff. Target is my weakness though, I really have to tell myself no when I go in there! Oh, and tomorrow is PAY DAY!!!! YAY!!
On Saturday, a good friend of mine, Amanda, is getting married so I've gotta go dress shopping that morning! Steph is going with me, and of course Grace and I'm hoping I can talk my mom into going with us!! I miss not getting to see her so much now that she's back in school. Plus, I know she'll be ready to see her girls! So, maybe we'll drive up to Rogers and check out the Promenade, it's been a while since I was up there. I'm sure after that Steph and I will come back to my house and get ready for the wedding. I know Gene's not interested in going, so Grace and Steph are going to be my "plus 1's"!
Ok, I think that's about it. I know there's more, but this has turned into a longer post than I expected. I'm such a gabber!!
Have a great weekend!!


Shelly said...

I'm addicted to Target too!!!

Let's start a support group! :) HA!