Sunday, September 7, 2008

Girl Time

I had a really great weekend!! Well, Friday was not the best morning because Grace slept on her mattress on the floor again but woke up at 5 IN THE MORNING!!!! Oh my gosh. I only got about 4 hours of sleep because I wasn't able to go to bed until 1 am. Gene ended up getting up around 6 or so too so at least I wasn't the only one up with her. I knew there was no hope in getting her back to bed because the alarm clock would be going off at 6 to get the boys up for school so we just laid down on the couch. I was so incredibly tired, but luckily she fell back to sleep with me on the couch about 7 and slept until about 8:45. I was still tired.

We finally got up and around and drove up to Rogers to see Gene's cousin Wayne at Tri-State Optical. Wayne is the office manager and I needed some new glasses! I've had glasses since I was in 3rd grade and contacts since I was in 6th grade. I wear my contacts most often, but I wear my glasses at home and night and sometimes during the day to give my eyes a break. I'd had my old frames for over 2 years and it was time for some new ones. One of my lenses were cracked in 2 places and they just kept getting longer, plus the frames were in bad shape and the prescription wasn't up to date in them so I couldn't see as well with them as my contacts. So.....I told Gene I was needing some new ones and he called Wayne.

I ended up getting some Armani Exchange frames and new high-index lenses for only $150!! I am very blind! My prescription is so strong, and I usually don't have as many options as anyone else does as far as frames goes because my lenses are so think. Well, Wayne had the high-index lenses and was able to pick any frame I wanted! He helped me find some that would look good and then went back and made the lenses. He was able to do everything right there and I left with my new glasses! I was soooo excited. The regular prices on the glasses (frames and lenses) would have been $422.92!! Like I said, I only had to pay $150!!! It sure pays to have connections!!! I haven't taken a picture of me wearing them yet, but I will and get it posted. I really like them!

Anway, after my exciting purchase, we went on to Pig Trail Harley-Davidson of course because we were so close. Gene had to pay a visit, plus he also needed the matching shifter peg that I had bought him (I didn't realize I should have bought the set!). He was able to find what he needed and he spent more money than he intended. Ha!

We headed out of Rogers then and headed back to Fayetteville. Our next stop was Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping. It was crazy busy. I don't know what the deal was, but there were so many people there and it took us, no joke, about 30 minutes just to check out. The lines were forever long and miss coupon lady in front of us was holding up traffic! Not only did she have a coupon for EVERY item in her cart, she also wanted it all bagged in those cloth bags they have now. Grrrr..... We finally made it out of there. We came home and ate lunch and Gene headed out to put his new stuff on his bike. Grace and I hung out inside doing laundry and putting stuff up.

The boys made it home as Gene was leaving for the gym, and Grace and I had fallen asleep on the couch. We were both tired from our early morning! She didn't sleep for very long though, and then was up playing with her bubbas. We made nachos for dinner and they were yummy!!

I had told Gene that we HAD to put Grace's crib back together and she was going back in it that night. I could not do another night of just 4-5 hours of sleep. We decided that she just isn't old enough/big enough for a toddler bed yet. I did take the bumper pad out of it so she couldn't us it for leverage to climb out of it. We haven't had any more problems.

Yesterday morning she woke up at 8, which was an okay thing because we were supposed to go pick up Mom and Steph at 10 so we were going to have to get ready. Gene made pancakes and sausage for breakfast which was yummy and then we got ready and headed out! We went to Mom and Dad's and picked her up and then picked up Steph.

Our first stop was the Pinnacle Hills Promenade. I love shopping there, but I rarely go to Rogers, so I figured that yesterday was a perfect excuse for driving up there! I had to find something to wear to the wedding.

We looked around in several different stores, and I finally decided on this skirt!!! I found it at Lane Bryant and I love it! The only reason I didn't buy it at first was because it wasn't on sale and the regular price was a little more than I wanted to pay. However, I didn't find anything else I liked so we went back and I got it. Steph let me borrow her brown heels and I wore a white shirt that I have with it. Steph bought a new black dress to wear, and we looked really great!! Grace of course looked precious in her pink dress that her Aunt Cathy got her for her birthday!

I also got some new Seven jeans!!! I love them and they're sooo comfortable! I got a really cute shirt to go with them too! I'll take a picture when I wear the outfit and post it too!!

We ate lunch at Mimi's Cafe and it was scrumptious! We spent pretty much all day at the promenade, until we had to leave so Steph and I could get ready. We made it home just in time to take a shower, and barely made it to the wedding on time!! It was at the Fayetteville Town Center and the decorations were beautiful!! The whole wedding was very pretty and Joe Giles and the Homewreckers was the band at the reception. They are sooooo awesome!! They're at Jose's all the time, so if you get a chance you need to check them out!!

After the wedding we went to McDonalds and ate then came home. I gave Grace a bath and then I had to take Steph home so I left Grace with her daddy. She was out like a light when I got home so I put her to bed and then passed out myself!! We were so worn out from a long day of shopping!!!

Saturday was such a great day. I loved spending time with 3 of my very favorite girls in the world. Thanks Mom, Steph, & Grace!!! I love you guys!

Anyways, Grace woke up about 7:30 this morning and we've just hung around the house. I'm not really wanting to go to work today because it's my Monday, but I guess I don't have a choice! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!



Joyce said...

It was a great day of shopping. Looking forward to many more now that you are off on Saturdays!!
Love ya, Mom

Leah said...

I LOVE Mimi's. It would be a close second to TGI Fridays! :)