Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

I have had such a wonderful weekend!! Well, I must say it did not start off so great Thursday night. When I got home from work Grace and Gene were asleep in the upstairs living room in one of the big bean bags, so I picked Grace up to put her to bed and she woke up screaming. I tried just leaving her in her room to go back to sleep. Yea, that didn't work. I no longer made it downstairs and she was already OUT of her crib and OUT of her room. Yes, she got the door open and luckily Gene was still upstairs and grabbed her. Scary! I went back upstairs and got her and brought her down to rock. Long story short, it was 10:30 the first time I tried laying her down and after 3 tries and 2 hours she slept with Mommy. It was not a good night, considering that's only the 2nd time she's ever slept in my room with me. She was just not going to bed alone that night. I don't know what the problem was.

Gene ended up coming to bed later that night and that was the first time we've all 3 slep together. I didn't sleep much, but oh well. Sacrifices of a mother I suppose! Gene got up with her around 8 and made some french toast and I followed shortly after. After that I started getting our stuff together to go to my cousin Hillary's wedding. Mom and Dad got here to get us a little after 11 and we took off for Granny's. Gene and the boys didn't go because Greenland had a game in Pea Ridge (that they won!!) and of course Colt had to march and Gene hadn't been able to make it to a game yet so he wanted to stay for it.

We made it to Granny's around 12:15 and then Mom, Grace, and I left for Ft. Smith in search of some brown shoes for me to wear with my skirt. We only had to make one stop...Shoe Carnival and I found the cutest brown heels to wear and they were only $20!!!

We got back to Granny's and I gave Grace a bath, I took a shower and got ready and we were off! We all looked so nice! The wedding was at Mt. Magazine in Paris, AR so it was about an hours drive from Granny's. If you have never seen Mt. Magazine you need to pay a visit. It is absolutely beautiful and the perfect setting for a wedding! The ceremony was outside and I didn't get any pictures of outside, but Mom did so you can see them here. My Aunty Cathy and cousin Megan drove in from Atlanta on Friday for the wedding and they met us at the lodge. We were very excited to see them because we don't see them often.

Grace did pretty good through the ceremony, other than wanting to go from lap to lap! It was the perfect weather for an outside ceremony and everthing was just so pretty. After that we headed down the hall to the reception and it was gorgeous. The decorations were amazing and I didn't get any good pictures of them either! However, I will try to get some on her soon so you can see.

Me and the beautiful bride!

The bride and groom!!

Grace & Hill

Grace tore up the dance floor! She knew exactly what it was for, and she spent most of her time out on it dancing her little heart out. They had a live band and the female lead singer even came out and danced with her, she LOVED that! Hillary danced with her, our other cousin Alex danced with her, her Papa danced with her. She was just making the rounds and everybody got such a kick out of watching her!
Grace and her Papa cute!! They were the only ones out there at the time!

Nana and Grace...she was getting sleepy!

Daddy/Daughter Dance

First Dance

Granny & Hillary

Hillary & Aunt Cathy

Mom & Hillary

Dad & Hillary

Lead singer & Grace

Granny & Grace
We had such a good time at the wedding and everything was just wonderful! They also had a photo booth that they wanted everyone to take their pictures in like at my friend Amanda's wedding. It was really neat and Grace and I had some cute pictures but I don't have a scanner to put them on here.
We ended up leaving around 8:30 and drove back to Granny's. It seemed like it took us forever to get back because I was so tired. Grace fell asleep after about 20 minutes or so. Dad left and came back home after we got back to Granny's but Mom, Grace, and I stayed so we could spend all day yesterday with Aunt Cathy and Grace. I'm going to do another post with a few pictures of that also!
Yesterday was great because we just laid around and did a lot of nothing! Grace played....hard! She just ran and spun and laughed and cut up and had a big time. She loves entertaining and she had quite the crowd yesterday. Aunt Cathy's good friend, Monica, drove up from Springdale and spent the day with us and Stephanie drove down after she got off at noon and spent the afternoon with us too. We also went and got Granny Ima (Granny's sister) and she came up and hung out with us. It was a big hen party!! We loved it!
I didn't get a lot of good pictures of the decorations or outside, but you can visit this blog to see some really good pictures. That blog belongs to Kelly, which is one of Hillary's best friends and was a bridesmaid. I've become addicted to her blog because she's so funny and they had been trying for forever to get pregnant and couldn't until just a few months ago when she did!! Yay! They're expecting a little girl in January. I was excited about getting to meet her at the wedding! She's just as sweet in person!
Anyways, I think that's it for now. This is quite a post so I'll sign off for now!


Kelly said...

So nice to meet you this weekend!

Leah said...

Ooohh...I like your mom's black and white. So snazzy!!!

I also liked reading your random post that I tagged you. I think I knew ALL those things! Funny!