Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shall We Ride?!

My beautiful little girl!!
Yesterday was a lazy day at the Johnson household! Grace was asleep with Gene on the couch when I got home from work Thursday night and I was able to lay her down in bed without waking her up. She actually slept until 5:45 yesterday morning. Yes, it was very early, but that beats 2:30 in the morning and her sleeping with me the rest of the night which is what she's done the last week and a half or so. I've been so exhausted from not getting a full night's sleep! However, yesterday when she woke up Gene stayed up with her till the boys got up at 6 for school and she hung out with them till they left on the bus. Gene and I were laying in bed and she crawled up there with us and we all fell back to sleep for about an hour. We had to be up by 8 to get ready because we had to go sign some paperwork on the house. After we got home it was lazy time! Grace and I took about a 40 minute time, then Gene ran to the grocery store to get some stuff for dinner and Grace and I headed outside to play in her new wagon!!

Doesn't she look so cute and happy in it?! One of the officers Gene and I work with gave us this wagon because his child had outgrown it. It's in great condition and even has cupholders and a cubby hole underneath to hold toys!! Grace loves it! We rode all over the yard watching the dogs play.

After a little wagon riding we headed back to the trampoline so she could jump. She also LOVES jumping! It's usually quite the chore to get her off of it once she's up there! There were big piles of leaves in the corners of it and she had a hay day playing in them also. I wasn't able to get a good picture of that though.


Layla's been sick with ringworms the past 2 weeks, but she's finally better and able to come back inside and play with Grace again. She was following Grace around everywhere and had to stop to give her kisses!! Grace kept trying to climb up on the 4-wheeler so we went and rode around on it for a little bit too.

Such a serious face! She was getting tired of me telling her to smile for the camera so she kept trying to look away! We played outside for about an hour waiting for her bubbas to get home off the bus.

As I said, Layla was following her everywhere! It was cute to watch. Layla and Bear were going crazy in the front yard chasing each other around and just running circles around us. We had a good time outside, and it was nice to just hang out at the house for the day instead of getting out and spending the whole day running errands.
Gene made fajitas for dinner that were soooo yummy! After dinner Gene ran up to the tattoo shop to give Steve some company since he's been working by himself all week and it's been really slow. Grace was in rare form last night. She was so tired from getting up at 5:45 and it was showing. I've never seen her throw a temper tantrum like she was last night. She was screaming and crying over EVERYTHING. Any time I told her no for doing something, or changing her diaper, or going to the bathroom, or this or that she was freaking out. I finally gave her a good spanking and she calmed down and was just whimpering. I sat down on the floor and told her to come to me, she hesitated, but eventually ran to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I almost cried because of the way she just collapsed into my arms because she was so tired and upset. :( I don't like getting on to her, but my goodness, last night was bad.
It didn't take her long after we started rocking then though that she fell asleep. She was out like a light and I laid her down a little after 10. The boys were already in bed so Gene and I finished watching Criminal Minds on tv then I went to bed at 11. Grace didn't wake up until 8:30 this morning!!!!!!! Yay! It felt so good to sleep through the night last night, and I know she felt much better this morning. Gene made biscuits and gravy then the boys left with their mom and Gene went to ride to Rogers with a friend and Mom and Dad left just a little bit ago with Grace headed to Granny's. Therefore, I have the whole house to myself right now, other than the dogs! They're both asleep though! I'm fixing to try and take a nap I think! I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


LC said...

Naps are my favorite!! I love it when Rylee is gone and I can take a good ole' nap! Sometimes, I even make her lay down with me so we can take a nap! I figure it won't last forever so why not just enjoy it while you have it! Hope you enjoyed your day alone!