Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Parties & Panties!

Ok, so I planned on sitting down today and doing a nice little post about what's been going on in our lives lately and as soon as I was signing in our power went out...........again. Hey and guess what?! It's still out as of right now! It went out at 9:20 this morning and it's 8 pm and it's still out. My father in law did talk to the power company and they said it might be back on tomorrow. I can only hope!

So, I'll just do a brief one here at work to give a little update. I've posted some pictures of my little punkin!
Oh yes, this is my little girl in PANTIES!! We're trying a new approach to potty training and so far it's going really really well. When she wakes up in the morning I take her diaper off and put some panties on her! We started it on Sunday and as long as we are at home she keeps them on instead of a diaper. She's only had about 4 accidents total. Other than that she tells us every time she has to go potty! I'm just so proud of her!

I've mentioned before I'm sure that she doesn't like to stand still long enough for a picture so you'll notice the first one is running towards me and me snapping it really quick and this one is her running away! Isn't that the cutest hiney you've ever seen?!? You can tell she thinks she's hot stuff in her big girl panties, and it just makes me so proud to be a mother!

Here's another running picture. Yes, those are socks she's running around with. I had just got home from work and taken them off and she snatched them up and took off! Gross I know, but what are ya gonna do?!?!

Last Saturday was my niece's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Grace had never been before and she had a HAY DAY! She absolutely loved it! Sarah (the birthday girl) is really good with Grace and she went up through the tunnel and down the big slide with her! She played almost all the games and wasn't ready to leave!

Here she is going down the slide in the toddler room. She didn't hang out in there much, she's too big for that stuff!! ;)
This was the first time she climbed up to do the slide and she was a little hesitant to go down by herself so she was reaching out for her daddy to help her! She figured it out very quickly after that though and kept running circles back and forth. She then figured out how to walk up the slide so she did that over and over! After they had cake and pizze Chuck E Cheese himself came out and she wasn't so sure of that. She really liked the idea, but not the actuality of it! Too funny!

Besides the birthday party and the panties that's about all going on right now. Oh yea, and our power outtage, wouldn't wanna forget that! It is my Friday at work though so I'm hoping that the power does in fact come back on tomorrow. Grace and I are supposed to go with Mom in the morning to her eye doctor appointment then Gene and I are getting our taxes done tomorrow afternoon. Then if all goes well I'll be home tomorrow night doing laundry and housework!

We don't have big plans for V-Day, but Gene and I are going to see Larry the Cable Guy Sunday night and I'm pretty excited about that. I bought Gene the tickets for our anniversary back in December. He's super excited about it!!

I'll keep ya posted on the potty training progress!!


Joyce said...

What a precious little girl!!