Saturday, March 7, 2009

Much needed weekend

It was such a long week at work and I was so ready for the weekend to be here! We've got two new girls on our shift that just started and are in their CAD (computer aided dispatch) class right now, plus Stacy, who I've been training on police side so it's been a little crazy at work. I actually didn't get any training done with Stacy this week because I was helping Teresa with the two new ones. We've gotta get these people ready to work!!

Anways, so I was very ready for yesterday to be here. I didn't have any plans and Gene's out of town right now with one of his friends fishing so Grace and I just hung at the house all morning. I cleaned house and was able to get the whole downstairs cleaned and organized, so I felt accomplished!!! I had told the boys I would pick them up from school because Colt had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon so Grace and I went and picked them up a little early and we went to Wal-Mart and did our "big" grocery shopping. Whew. I always love to have that out of the way. We had just enough time to get the groceries home and unloaded before it was time to leave for the appointment. The doctor's visit went well and then I ran by Sonic to grab some dinner before dropping Corey off at school for a dance.

Colt, Grace, and I came home and hung out till time to pick up Corey. Grace was exhausted because she hadn't had a nap all day so she had a bath and was in bed around 9:15. Perfect timing for me to go get Corey.

I started watching Australia last night, but it's almost three hours long so I only watched about the first 45 minutes before going to bed. I bought it yesterday at Wal-Mart because it's soooo good!!! The boys and I finished watching it this morning after we ate pancakes and bacon!! It was a very nice relaxing morning with the kiddos!

Since Gene's out of town I wanted to take the boys and go see a movie or something with just the three of us. We don't ever have the opportunity anymore to do that, so Mom said they would be more than willing to watch Grace!! I dropped her off at their house around noon then came home and had some lunch. We watched Because I Said So and now we're watching Center Stage. Ok, actually Corey fell asleep on the couch and Colt's in his room playing the piano so no one's really watching it right now since I'm obviously typing!!

Anywhoo...I'll have to get in the shower here in a little bit to get ready but until then I'm just going to continue to sit here and relax!

By the way, we're going to see Confessions of a Shopaholic!! I know, weird choice with two teenage boys, but that's what they wanted so that's what we're seeing. I hope it's good!!!


Holly said...

Haha that is an interesting movie to go and see with two teenage boys! I will be interested to hear what you all thought of it! :)