Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleep Update

Grace has slept beautifully the last two nights. PTL!! I'm still not sure what her deal was, and honestly I don't really care as long as she's not sick and that she's sleeping fine now!!

I've had a good week so far at work. Sunday was pretty uneventful, other than working a 12 and Grace not sleeping! Monday was ok too, other than a few patrol supervisors who don't feel that we as dispatchers are competent enough to do our jobs. Oh, we had issues but they were worked out and when it came right down to it it was a problem with the radio systems and not the radio operator (me!). I stress out when people start to think poorly of me as a dispatcher and feel like I'm screwing up, especially when I'm really not! We worked it out though and the patrol supervisors were nice again!!

Last night was good, busy, but good. We had disturbance after disturbance after disturbance!! People were just not getting along! We had a call of a 15 yoa kid that ran away from home so an officer went out and took the report. Well, about 20 minutes later the kid had shown back up at home and was trying to pick a fight with not only his family but also the neighbor kids. Oh boy. So, they went back out there. The problem was resolved and the kid went to his room, or so we thought. No kidding, about 10 minutes later the 13 yoa sister calls and says he's now slitting his wrists trying to kill himself. Oh boy. So....they went BACK out there yet again. This time though they hooked the kid up and took him to the ER. They ended up admitting him and we cited him out on our charges. What a mess. I will never understand some people. I'm pretty sure there's something else going on in that house for this kid to not want to be at home around his dad. Who knows. I would like to say it's not my problem, but really it is. Or it at least becomes our problem to solve! Anyway, Hank Brockmeyer, who has become the boyfriend of the girls in dispatch, was one of the officers that had to deal with this kid last night. We were so stinking busy last night that only a few of the guys got to eat dinner and Hank was one that didn't get to. He was in the drive thru line at Sonic and had just paid for his food when I dispatched him back over to the kid, so he didn't get his food..or his money back. I was able to leave work though and run over and get it for him! Now, when I say the boyfriend of the girls in dispatch, I mean that he looks out for Crystal, Teresa, and myself all the time! We text back and forth with him all the time and he comes up and visits us and brings us anything we need! He also went out with all of us the weekend of my birthday and was our dancing partner because my husband and Crystal's fiance are not exactly the dancing type!! We had a blast and he's just our favorite little man!! Plus he has a little beagle named Tater that he brings up to visit us every Thursday on his day off! We just love our little Tater!

Ok, back to the work week. They have put in a workout room at the pd that is open 24/7 and is free of charge for any employee to use. It's got several weight machines, a cardio glide, a bike, and a couple of treadmills! Last night Teresa, Crystal, and myself went and worked out after work for about 45 minutes. It was great! I felt so good afterwards and I'm not too incredibly sore today! So, we've decided we're going to work out every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. We only have 2 and a half weeks left in Biggest Loser and I'll just say that we will not be winning. Oh well, I've still only lost about 9 lbs. Better than nothing, but I'm hoping now that we're working out I can start taking it off better!

I started tanning yesterday too and I'm going to leave early for work today and tan again so I can start getting ready for summer!!!

Have a great rest of the week!!!


Shelly said...

I love all of our Police "lingo." (i.e "hooked him up.") There was an email that went around where people had to fill in information about me. Well, one of those questions that it asked was "Do I speak another language?" The person that answered it said "Not unless you count all that Police lingo you use from time to time that none of the rest of us know!" Isn't that the truth!!!

So glad you've had a good week. And I just love "Baby Brockmeyer" as I call him, as well. There was something about him when I did his background-I think the fact that he's lived in the KC area-I don't know, but there's something just so lovable about that boy! And I've always thought he has a babyface so I've just dubbed him "Baby Brockmeyer." It doesn't suprise me at all that he takes such good care of you girls in dispatch. He's just that kind of guy. :)

Have a great week!

Tiffany said...

Thats awesome that Hank would dance with you! He does that fast 2step and I couldn't keep up! Hope you did better than I did! haha!