Monday, March 16, 2009

What the hay?

I'm not sure what's going on with my 2 year old. We're having a little issue at work with an employee and this person didn't work Saturday night and nobody knew if they would be in last night so I had already said since it was going to be late notice probably that I could stay till 2 am. Well, this person didn't come in and we didn't know for sure until 9:30 last night. It's awesome. Not.

Anyways, so I stayed and worked until 2 am this morning. I actually didn't leave until almost 2:30 because one of our officer buddies came up to hang out for a bit and the midnight shift patrol lt. had come up to visit so I hung out for a few minutes.

When I got home the living room curtains were open and as I was walking across the porch I could see through the window that Gene.....and Grace were both sitting there.....awake. It was 2:40 am. Great. When I walked in Gene said she'd been up for about an hour and a half and that she'd had a nightmare. This never never happens. To add on to the fact that I'd just worked about 12 and a half hour shift and I was dog tired, she didn't want anything to do with me. She wouldn't come give me a hug and didn't want me to take her back up to her room to bed. I was sad.

She just kept saying "Daddy take me upstairs." So, off they went. I went to bed, however, I tossed and turned and couldn't go to sleep until about 3:40. I then woke up to them coming back downstairs and back to the recliner. They stayed there for about an hour then ended up in our bed around 5 am. Gene and I were both so incredibly exhausted and she was wide awake. We both fell asleep before her and then when I woke up around 8 she was finally asleep. We slept till about 9:30. That's it. I'm still really tired.

So...she's already been a wee bit cranky as have I! I'm hoping that today ends up being a good day. I'm going to stay positive. In all reality, I've been a lot more tired than this and done just fine so it's all good. I'm just completely puzzled as to why she was so wide awake for a good portion of the night. Who knows.