Friday, April 24, 2009

and thursday wasn't much better week just did not end well.

First Wednesday with my medical drama and then yesterday I felt like I'd been hit by a truck all day. I was so tired, had no energy, and my mind was just not in the right place. I guess it just took a lot more out of me than I thought it would. I was just worn out.

As if that wasn't bad enough we were told that there are fixing to be a ton of changes at work and due to those changes (of which I can't discuss just yet) my days off are having to switch back to Thursday/Friday instead of Friday/Saturday because we've got to have enough people on the weekend days since it's getting busier with the warmer weather. Grrr.... I was very sad. I really really love my Friday/Saturday but we were also told that as soon as our new people are trained and we're back up to where we need to be then we can all switch back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

It'll be ok. I just have to stay positive. The good thing is that since it is warm weather finally we will really start getting busy and Saturday nights are always hopping and I LOVE it when it's super busy!! Last night was a great preview because we had a call of some juveniles that had broken into an abandoned house and when the officers got over there they busted out one of the windows and started running from them. The guys got into foot pursuit and I was working the main police channel so I was right in the middle of it!!! And you'll be happy to know that they caught ALL of them. They ended up arresting 4 of them. While all of that was going on and there were about 13 officers on that one call we also had 2 different disturbances and a commercial burglary alarm so we were busy busy for a while! I love it though! We're all pretty much adrenaline junkies and wish for crazy stuff to happen and for us to get busy!! Mom says were crazy!

Some of the changes are taking place next week, including my days off switching, so the rest will happen mid May. We'll see how it goes.

This weekend will be good though. Today we're going to plant our garden and get some flowers to plant. I've also got to find a dress to wear to Crystal's wedding tomorrow!! Teresa and I will be helping her set up for the reception tomorrow morning while she is getting her hair and make-up done then the wedding is at 3!! I'll definitely be taking lots of pictures to share with you guys! It's going to be just absolutely beautiful.

I'm off of here for now to take a shower and run my few errands before coming home to plant so I'll post later with pictures of my shrubs and our garden!!