Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Really Good Tuesday!!

Yesterday was a fabulous day!! It started out a little early since I had to be at the Jones Center at 9 am to set up for our annual Awards Banquet for the pd. The doors opened at 11:30, we ate lunch at noon, and then began presenting awards at 12:45. Several awards were given out including a supervisory excellence award, several meritorious awards, a life saving award, dispatcher of the year, and officer of the year, among others!

I have to say I am the VERY proud wife of Officer Gene Johnson, the recipient of this year's Officer of the Year Award!!!!!! I was so excited when I found out he had won and so so proud of him. He is such an excellent officer and goes to work everyday with the intention of arresting as many "bad guys" as possible!! He doesn't let anybody walk all over him, he holds his own, and promises to come home to our family each and everday!!! I love him so much and can't believe I'm so lucky to be married to him!!!

I am also very proud of Crystal, who won Dispatcher of the Year this year!! As I stated in my previous post Crystal and I have become really good friends and she really is one of the best dispatchers we have. She so earned it and it was really cool because her fiance Dustin was able to be there with some of the other firefighters he works with because he had to work the station yesterday. She was a little confused when she got there yesterday and saw that her mom and Dustin were there!! She soon figured it out though! Congrats Crystal and I love ya!!
Now I'm switching gears just a tad! Remember the "dispatch boyfriend" I was telling you about? Hank? Well, this is him!! He is so going to hurt me if he finds out I posted this on here! Ha! He had just finished eating dinner and came up to visit while eating his yogurt and I caught him mid-bite! Too funny! We just love Hank!

Big smile from Cystal!! Yesterday was a great day for her too because not only did she win the award and Dustin and Dustin's dad (the assistant fire chief) were both there to cheer her on but it was also her last day to work as a single lady!! She is now off the rest of the week to prepare for the wedding and then next week also for her honeymoon so when she comes back she will be Mrs. McDonald!!!

Here's Jill! She also works on my shift and is a little bit crazy! Ha! She drives me crazy every now and then (don't worry..I've told her that!) but we usually have a really fun time at work! We are a lot of like in some areas and there is very rarely a dull moment when we are both working! We have a good time!

And me and Crystal again. After the awards banquet we both ended up changing into our IAFF (International Association of Firefighters) shirts so we matched all night. Great minds think alike!! Ha!
I only have 2 more work days this week then I'm going to enjoy a wonderful 3 day weekend!! I'm also incredibly excited about the beautiful weather and am hoping that maybe this time spring is here to stay!!!! PTL!!!!