Friday, May 29, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Kids' Rooms

Well, it's that time of the week again!! Time for Kelly's Tour of Homes! So many people participate over at Kelly's Korner that it's hard to make it to everyone's homes! This week is nurseries/kids' rooms so....

Here's Colt's room standing out in the hallway. Both boys have full size beds and of course he's got his piano in there!
Another view..more of the piano and the side of the dresser.

Gene built the desktop that is attached to the wall in both Colt and Corey's rooms and he also put up the corkboard in all 3 kids' rooms so they can hang up whatever they want and not put a bunch of holes in the walls. His closet is on the far right side of the picture. He's got random cd jackets, a Twilight poster, and some pictures of friends on his corkboard!

Front of the dresser. We found his dresser and night stand at an antique store over in Elkins and it was brand new but at a discounted price! Can't beat that! His bedroom walls are a cream color.

Corey's room from standing in the hallway. The second huge bean bag chair that was in the upstairs living room pre-home gym is now in Corey's room and he uses it as his computer "chair!" As you can tell he is a huge Spongebob fan. Always has been. Probably always will be.

Corey's desk and corkboard. He's got a picture of Spongebob (of course), some pictures that friends at school drew him, and a picture of him and Grace on his corkboard!

His walls are kind of a brown/gray and it's really pretty. We let the boys pick what color they wanted to paint their rooms.

His nightstand that doesn't fit by his bed because of the desk! We also bought Corey's dresser and night stand at the antique store and they are from the 70s. The newspaper that is framed on the wall was actually in one of the drawers of the dresser and we found it after we got it home. The date on it is from the 60s if I'm not mistaken and we thought that was pretty cool and Corey wanted us to frame it so he could hang it up.

His closet and dresser.

Now onto Grace's room. I got these out of order but oh well! This is her little dresser and it, the mirror and her bed were all given to us by one of the sgts at the pd who had a daughter that had outgrown it. It's still in pretty good condition but eventually I would like to get a bigger chest of drawers and a nicer bed. It works for now though! The "G" in the frame was done for me while I was pregnant by one of my friends, Amy, and the colors in it matched her crib bedding! I also have a picture of her on the trampoline in the middle frame and the one on the far right that you can barely see is one of the day she was born and it's an autograph frame so everyone that visited in the hospital signed it! Granny bought her the little ladybug bean bag for her birthday this year!

Here's her closet that I've just sort of re-organized with summer clothes and moving out the winter clothes. I've got two tubs full of stuff right now and clothes laying on top that need to be put away still.

Her pretty curtains that match her bedding with flowers on them! They're so super cute but I really need to get some blinds or something to put under because she seems to wake up at first sunlight because they allow all of it to shine in so it gets bright in there fast! Her dollhouse bookcase that I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it in Target and Mom and Dad bought it for her for her birthday this year. That whole corner is just stacked plum full of stuffed animals. As 90s as it sounds I really want to find a big net to hang in the corner of her room to put one in! They are just so easy and convenient! On her corkboard I have a calendar that Mom made at out of pictures of her and family, the canvas that our friend Leah made for me, and also her birth announcement canvas that Mom had made at Bella's in Springdale!

A shot of her bed! I found the bedding at Target and absolutely love it! It matches her green walls perfectly and is young enough for her toddler years but she won't outgrow it in just 2 years either! Of course Nemo and Frosty have to be up there because she sleeps with them every night! You can see her bedrail is hanging down on the side. It's very convenient because it just snaps up when she goes to bed and then you can put it down during the day.

View from the hallway.

I took this one standing in Colt's doorway and it shows the paint color a little better. I don't remember the name of the green but we got it at Lowe's and I am sill in love with it! It's so fresh and bright and happy! Plus, once again, it's not a baby pink or anything so we can do lots of different stuff with it the older she gets! I've got several things that I want to eventually hang onher walls, but I just haven't done it yet because I really want to wait until we get her new furniture and I have it laid out a little more like I want it! The boys don't have much on theirs either because we don't want a bunch of excess holes in the walls and they haven't found anything they absolutely love and would keep up for a while.
So...that's it! My kids' rooms. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for taking the tour! Now go check out Kelly's Korner and all the other neat rooms!