Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Girl

Grace amazes me everyday with how smart and intuitive she is. It's amazing the little things that she picks up on that you wouldn't think about. She always speaks in complete sentences and understands when you talk to her like an adult and not like a baby. Although, sometimes it's not always a good thing. I was cleaning house all day today and I had just swept and mopped the hardwood floors downstairs and washed the kitchen rug when I walked into the kitchen from my bedroom to find a white powder on the freshly washed rug. Oh boy. Grace had managed to reach the carpet deodorizer that I used on the area rug off the counter and proceeded to pour it onto the rug. I called her in there and got onto her for it telling her that I had just cleaned these floors and she was not supposed to be messing with the cleaners. Uh huh. She gave me a sad look, turned around, and proceeded to say EXACTLY the same thing I had just said to Layla....our dog. Oh Lordy. I laughed. But I walked away from her before I did it.
When I was born I was given this pink teddy bear in the hospital. I have no idea who by! Anyways, I started sleeping with Teddy (that is her creative name) at a very very young age and continued to sleep with her until I was married at the age of 21! Anytime we travelled...she went. I even took her to sleepovers, at least until I was about 19 and then I think I started leaving her at home. She was definitely my "security blanket" and I loved her so. Well, now Grace has developed a love for Teddy as well! I love it. She had been in the mix with the rest of the stuffed animals in Grace's room until a couple of weeks ago when Grace discovered her. I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight. ha! Ahem. So, Grace plays with her quite often now and I just so happened to snap some pictures of her loving on her the other day! So precious!

I guess I've done a few things right in regards to motherhood because my child does know how to put on a diaper. On her baby dolls anyway. She got really quiet one afternoon and I walked into our bedroom to find her caring for her baby doll! Of course the diaper is as big as the doll, but ya know.

I guess she decided the baby was ready for some potty training because the next time I checked on her she had upgraded to a pair of panties! ha! I just giggled and grabbed my camera!

I would also just like to say now that Grace is pretty much potty trained and has been for a couple of months but I hadn't mentioned it because I didn't want to be jinxed! She wears a diaper only at nighttime and wears panties all day long! It happened so quick and the minute we put her in panties it was like she just got it and knew what she was supposed to do. She really didn't have that many accidents either. So...she's a big girl now!!