Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Bathrooms

Well, it's that time of week again! It's time for Show Us Where You Live Friday and this week Kelly, over at Kelly's Korner, has chosen bathrooms. Now, I almost didn't participate this week because our bathrooms are really pretty boring as far as decoration goes. I haven't done a thing in them since we moved in! They are my next projects though. So, without any further ado...

This is the boys' bathroom upstairs. I warned you...boring! They picked out the dark blue rugs and towels when we finished building the house but I have not hung a thing in there yet. I'd like to maybe someday paint it a more fun color and do a theme, but for now it's just this!

A shot standing in the hallway of the vanity and mirror. I love the mirror that Gene found at Lowe's...I think!

And another shot of the vanity. And Layla standing in the hall probably wondering why I was taking pictures of the bathroom!

Ok, this is the master bathroom in our bedroom. We only have 2 bathrooms but it works for us! Like I said, boring, but I'm trying to get Gene to let me paint it. Or, I guess I should say get HIM to paint it! I really want to do a sea blue color and go with a beachy theme. We'll see what happens.

A view of our vanity and mirror. I love our vanity because it's taller than normal vanities so 1) it helps keep Grace away from things she doesn't need in and 2) I don't have to bend way over when I'm washing my hands or brushing my teeth! Of course we have to have the radio. I don't think Gene can take a shower without music!

Our shower. Lordy, even our rugs are boring! I really need to get some bright colored ones, I just haven't had the extra finances to get them. Anways, I love our shower too because it has the 2 seats in it...which I don't actually sit on but it's convenient for holding shampoo, body wash, etc. Plus I use it to prop my legs up on to shave them!!

Our tub, which is absolutely fabulous! It has more jets than most because the bottom is lined with them to circulate hot air to keep your bath water hot!! It's delectable! Of course, I really don't take that many baths. Grace uses it more than anybody else and it's filled with her bath toys, you just can't see them! If we end up painting, or even if we don't, I'd like to get a big picture of a white beach chair sitting on the beach to hang over the tub.

The vanity from the shower. And of course Grace's potty chair. I guess I could have closed the lid on it before pictures! ha!

And a final shot standing on our tub! I would like to get some shelving to hang over the tub and some other smaller pictures to put on the wall with the towel rack.
Alrighty, that's it for the Johnson household bathrooms! I'm sure you enjoyed the tour and now I've gotta take a lawn chair to my husband who is currently fishing with some buddies!!