Friday, July 24, 2009

"I don't wanna be big Momma!!"

Today was probably one of the best Fridays I've had in a while! It started off great because I slept in till 11 because Grace stayed with her Nana & Papa last night so the boys and I slept in!! After I finally decided to get up I paid bills (which was not part of the whole best day!) and then the boys and I got around and ready to take Colt to the doctor. After the doctor we got groceries and then picked Grace up from Mom and Dad's. We stayed and talked for a while then had to hurry home to get our groceries unloaded!

After we got groceries put away we all headed outside to play for a while since the weather has been so nice the last couple of weeks. It's amazing how much it changed after the last set of storms came through. It's been in the upper 70s to mid 80s and then in the upper 50s at night but during the day has been so much more tolerable because the humidity levels have been very unseasonably low. So a day in the 80s hasn't felt like it because it's not so humid!! Gene has been gone all week at a class in Iowa (he finally got home tonight...yay!!!) and he asked me last night if I'd been checking his garden. Oops. Not really. So, tonight I got out there and tended to it some. Like I've said before, the only plants that have made it are our squash, tomatoes and bell peppers and we've actually had some really good squash out of it. Well, tonight I pulled one off of there that was, no exaggerating, 2 ft long. It is insane! I'll post a picture of it tomorrow, but anyways, I watered it and weeded some. We couldn't find our sprinkler from last year so I went over the front part of our lawn up close to the house because it was looking a little dry. Of course the boys are boys and decided it would be hilarious to pour a pitcher of water on me. Thanks guys!! They must have not seen the waterhose in my hand and I most definitely paid them both back!! Grace just kept running back and forth through the hose so we were all soaked by the time we went in!! It's all good though, we had fun!

After our water wars we came in and changed and I started getting stuff ready for dinner. I had decided to make homemade pizza and the boys love it because they help make them!! Growing up Mom would make homemade pizza quite a bit and it was always mine and Tanner's favorite! We called it Momino's instead of Domino's!! Our pizza tonight turned out so incredibly wonderful! was so good! I made the dough from scratch and we made 2 large ones. They were both half hamburger and half pepperoni, italian sausage, green peppers and onions!! And of course they both had a TON of cheese on them!!!! I was texting Mom pictures of them and I'm pretty sure she was mad at me by the time we got done eating because she wasn't here to join in the festivities. I did tell her I would save her some though!! Corey took some next door to Gene's dad and he said it was awesome and that he wanted the recipe. Score!!!

Corey had requested almost 2 weeks ago that I make a Butterfinger cake and today was the first opportunity I'd had to do it so....after I got the mess cleaned up from dinner I made him one! Of course it's not exactly part of my diet but I did treat myself to a very small piece of it. And I only had 2 pieces of pizza...and I didn't eat lunch today so that was my calories from lunch I didn't use!

I took a shower and gave Grace a bath and Gene got in around 9:30. Grace was very very excited to see her daddy!! She was not excited, however, when I told her that all of her pacis had gone bye-bye. The part I didn't tell her was that Mommy hadn't exactly planned for them to leave so abruptly but we left the last one at Nana & Papa's because Mommy thought we had another one here. Hmmmm....we looked all over the house for one when we got home and there was not one in sight. So....once we realized this we all started telling Grace that she was a big girl now and that all of her pacis had gone bye-bye to help other little babies! After I brushed her teeth before taking her upstairs to bed I said "So you're gonna be a big girl now and not sleep with a paci?" She looked up at me with the saddest face and said "I don't wanna be big Momma!!" Awww..broke my heart and I was really dreading putting her in bed without it. Luckily, she only whined for it a couple of times and that was it. Funny thing though, I was laying down on her bedroom floor waiting for her to fall asleep and I kept hearing her making sucking sounds because she's so used to going to sleep with a paci in her mouth! I smiled and then almost cried. My baby is growing up.


Nic said...

Ok... You have got to tell us how to make that pizza! It looks so good and I know my kids would love doing it!