Friday, August 14, 2009

I am soooo far behind....

There is just not enough time in the day for me to get done all that I need/would like to get done! I've put blogging on the back burner the past couple of weeks since the boys are fixing to start back to school and I've enjoyed just spending the time with my kids instead of on the computer. There's not been anything huge that's happened...just life. I don't have just a whole lot of time right now either to write a real long post so I've just posted several pictures to sort of highlight what's been happening!!

Grace LOVES LOVES LOVES to ride the 4-wheeler!! She has spent alot of time riding it with either her daddy or her bubbas! One morning last week she and Gene came running into the house looking for the camera because there was a group of deer next door to us and there was a little spotted baby! Grace thought it was just the neatest thing and they actually just stood there forever eating and watching us!

One of the things I love about living in the country is being able to look out and see deer in our front yard..or neighbor's yard!!

Gene has a love of guns and hunting and there is so much camo stuff in my house it's not even funny. It's typically scattered throughout our bedroom and closet and Grace found one of his hats and decided it was just her size!!

Now, I don't think I've ever shared with you about Grace's "look!" See....she started this several months ago and when we say "Grace, give us your look!" she does this! It cracks me up everytime!!

This is sort of the "look" but not quite. She's quite the little entertainer and there is most definitely never a dull moment in the Johnson household!

I had posted about wanting to find a hammock for Grace's stuffed animals and I didn't even know if they still made them but I found one on Target online and ordered it. Her room looks so much better with all of them off the floor! Plus she can't throw them all over the place now! I'm not realy crazy about the chain hanging across the front and will probably take it down. When we hang animals on the clothes pins they just look so sad! :(

I don't have a story for this picture, I just love it and the softness of it! My little girl is not so little anymore!

Grace is still a huge fan of bath time! She has now taken to trying to swim in the bathtub. Well, at least "going under water!" Since I'm only home 2 nights of the week I love giving her a bath and last night while she was sitting there playing I was filing my nails and heard her start talking so I peered over the tub and she was talking to her big pink duck. The conversation, obviously one-sided, went something like this:
Grace: "Here you go ducky, you want to hug? Give her kiss!"
Duck: (Silence)
Grace: "You want to go to my house? Ok. Come one." (stands up...walks to other side of tub) "Here you go, here's my house."
It was so stinking funny and I had to grab my camera!
She went on talking for a while and then realized I was taking pictures and said "take our pitcher" so I obliged! She kept squeezing her ducks up to her face and giving them kisses. She's so smart and so funny!

Yesterday while I was cleaning the upstairs living room I had to pull her tent out from behind the big bean bag and you would have thought it was brand new again! She asked me to bring it downstairs and she spent the better part of the evening playing in it. Colt decided he needed to play too so he started crawling through the tunnel! Grace thought it was hilarious and crawled on top of him!!

Colt had a doctor's appointment this morning and then I had to drop him off at his mom's house with Corey. Gene was supposed to be off today but ended up getting called out and worked most of the morning. When Grace and I got home she was watching Dora and they were going to the beach on a pirate ship so she turned the tile by our front door into the ocean and she and her babies went "swimming!" I was cleaning up after lunch and when I turned around she'd stripped down to her panties and told me she didn't need them to swim in. All of her babies were already you can see! Quite the imagination!
In other news, the boys start back to school next Wednesday then Colt turns 16 the following Wednesday, the 26th. I can't believe he's almost 16! Corey is excited to be a 9th grader and now officially in high school! We're having Colt's party on the 29th and then the following weekend we'll be headed down to Alma because Gene is going to build a deck on the back of Granny's house!! She is so super excited about it and has wanted one for forever. Lucky for her I married a carpenter!!! There is other more serious stuff I want to eventually post about but not today. I need to get off here and get dinner started!
It feels good to be back!!!


Megan said...

Your girl makes me smile! I can't wait to see what Ella is up to at that age. (she's doing really well lately, by the way, if you haven't had a chance to drop in on my blog recently)

I'm wondering if you grew up in Springdale? You look familiar to me. . . I graduated from HS here in '97.

Tiffany said...

grace is so stinkin cute!