Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Bliss

I had a really great weekend!!
Grace modeled some heels...

...and used Layla as a foot stool.

I worked out with my husband...

....and my toddler.

I got my house cleaned, with the help of my wonderful husband...

...and a little laundry.

Grace tried her bubba's hat on for size, along with her "neckaless"!

Colt played some piano while blindfolded because he wanted to prove he could!

Corey tried to keep me from taking his photograph, which he was successful at...for the most part.

We went out with friends for some dinner, drinking and dancing!

And had just an absolute fabulous time!!!
I promise I really did do more than just walk around with a camera. I made chicken enchiladas for dinner Thursday night and lasagne and a Butterfinger Cake Friday night!!! I also ran errands and spent some good quality time with my family!


A & J said...

Heyyyy Taylor tots! I found your blog a bit back on someone else's blog and have been meaning to comment! Grace is growing up to be such a cutie! That is also a cute picture of you and Stephanie! Hope all is well!