Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let's Do Lunch

Yesterday I had the pleasure of an unexpected lunch date with 3 fabulous ladies!!! A good friend of mine was scheduled to have a c-section yesterday morning at 10 so I got up and out early to get a baby gift and meet Allie at her house so we could drive up to Rogers to see Addie and baby Paisley. When I got to Allie's house she was on the phone with another friend of ours who had just informed her that the c-section had been pushed back to noon. Since I have to work at 2 and Allie has to work at 3 Addie would not have been out of recovery in time for us to see them so we weren't able to go up there. I was sad because I was so excited about seeing Miss Paisley Jayne!!!

I had been texting Steph back and forth and asked if she had taken her lunch break yet and she said no so Allie and I decided to meet up with her for lunch at Marketplace!!

Steph called me while we were on our way over there and asked if her mom could go with us too. Well duh!!!! Steph and I have been best friends since junior high and while we were in school and before I got married we were pretty much inseparable. We were always over at each others' houses and my parents were like second parents to her and her parents were like second parents to me!! I don't ever see Sheila and Curtis anymore so I was very excited when she told me her mom was coming!! We had a yummy yummy lunch and I was absolutely stuffed. I have done pretty bad with sticking to my diet the past few days but today started back full force!! I figured Marketplace would be my last hoorah for a while!!!

I had to go straight to work right after lunch and it was just a long night at work. I was off this past Saturday and then out sick Sunday because I had pulled something in my neck and couldn't move my head so I've only had to work 2 days so far and today is technically my Friday but I have a police dispatcher in-service class tomorrow from 8-5 so I'll be off Friday/Saturday this week to adjust out for the class. It works out good because there is something big happening this weekend and I'm actually fixing to do a whole separate post about what that is!!!